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Die einzelnen Plattentitel, nach Genre sortiert, finden Sie hier: Cassetten - LP
Achtung: Die Listen sind sehr umfangreich.

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Genre - Nach Bands
Genre Band Jahr LP - Titel
Andenmusik Chuquiago Bolivia 1988 Illimani
Alternative Rock Eloy 1975 Power and the passion
1976 Dawn
1978 Live
Jane Same
Age of madness
1973 Here we are
1976 Live at Home
Beat Burdon, Eric and the Animals 1990 Good times
Black Metal Warlord 1986 Video Soundtrack
1986 Thy kingdom come
Blues B. B. King and the Bluesboys 1994 Live im Rockpalast
Bad News Reunion 1982 Last orders please
Band, The 1976 The last waltz
Blues Brothers 1996 Soundtrack
Climax Blues Band 1977 Shine on
Healey, Jeff Band 1988 See the light
Waters, Muddy 1978 Live im Rockpalast 1978
Classic Folk Rock Renaissance A song for all seasons
Country Denver, John Best of
Dark Metal Paradise Lost 1995 Draconian times
Death Metal Alastis 1997 The other side
Bathory 1996 Blood on ice
Tiamat 1997 A deeper kind of slumber
Disco Boney M. 1976 Take the heat off me
Diverses  Klassik Diverse
Oldie Pop History 60er und 70er
Hits der 70er
Reggae Diverses
Rock Rockpalast 1985
Electronic Baumann, Peter Trans Harmonic Nights
Far East Family Band 1977 Tenkujin
Entspannung Buntrock, Martin 1993 Meer
Indianische Entspannungsmusik Dream your inner healing
Vollenweider, Andreas 1981 Behind the garden
Behind the wall
Under the trees
Folk Baez, Joan 1976 Golden hours
Donovan 1965 Catch the wind
Folk-Rock Rafferty, Gerry 1978 City to city
Young, Neil and Crazy Horse 1979 Live Rust
Funk Level 42 1994 Running in the family
1996 Same
Mothers Finest 1979 Live
Gospel Coltrane, Chi 1973 Let it ride
Gothic Fields of the Nephilim 1986 Returning to Gehenna EP
1987 Dawnrazor
Gothic Rock Sisters of Mercy 1987 Floodland
1990 More Maxi
1990 Vision Thing
1992 Some girls wander by mistake
Grunge Nirvana 1988 Bleach
1990 Nevermind
Hard Rock Blue Öyster Cult 1982 Extraterrestial Live
Deep Purple 1985 In the absence of pink
Dio 1997 Angry machines
Heart of Winter 1994 Demo '94
Magnum 1982 Chase the dragon
1985 On a storytellers night
Satriani, Joe 1989 Flying in a blue dream
UFO 1977 Lights out
1978 Strangers in the night
1993 Lights out in Tokyo Live
Uriah Heep 1971 Salisbury
Whitesnake 1978 Trouble
1979 Lovehunter
1980 Ready and willing
1981 Come and get it
1982 Saints and sinners
Heavy Metal AC/DC 1980 Back in black
1990 The razors edge
Living in hell (Bootleg)
Accept 1981 Breaker
1982 Restless and wild
1985 Metal Heart
Black Sabbath 1980 Heaven and hell
1992 Dehumanizer
Dickinson, Bruce 1994 Balls to Picasso
Four Horsemen 1991 Nobody said it was easy
Guns 'n' Roses 1987 Appetite for destruction
1978 Lies
1989 Silent shots Live
1991 Use your illusion I
1991 Use your illusion II
Judas Priest 1975 Sad wings of destiny
1979 Unleashed in the east
Krokus 1978 Pay it in Metal
1980 Metal Rendezvous
1981 Hardware
1988 Heart attack
Motörhead 1979 Bomber
1980 Ace of spades
1981 No sleep 'til Hammersmith
1996 Overnight sensation
Nugent, Ted 1971 Live
1976 Rockpalast Live 8.9.1976
1977 Rockpalast Live 1977
Osbourne, Ozzy 1988 No rest for the wicked
Queensryche 1983 EP
1984 The warning
1986 Maxi
1986 Rage for order
1988 Operation mindcrime
1990 Empire
Scorpions 1975 In Trance
1977 Taken by force
1978 Tokyo Tapes
1997 World wide Live
UDO 1997 Solid
Ugly Kid Joe 1994 America's least wanted
Irish Folk Rock Big Country The Crossing
Clannad 1985 The collection
1988 Sirius
Horslips 1976 Live
Knopfler, Mark 1984 From the Film "Cal"
Paddy goes to Holyhead 1994 Supermegaultraliveshow
Runrig Play Gaelic
Waterboys 1982 Same
This is the sea
1988 Fisherman's Blues
1993 Dream harder
Independant Gimmick 1989 Gimmick Album
Jazz Antolini, Charlie Knock out
Passport Ataraxia
Klassik Ravel, Bach, Genesis Diverse
Lorin Maazel+Berlin Philharmonic Orch. Richard Wagner - Der Ring
Liedermacher Veen, Herman van 1977 Liederbuch
1977 Herz Live in Hamburg
1984 Signale
1987 Anne
1988 Bis hierher und weiter
1988 Auf dem Weg zu Dir
Ein Handstand im Lied
Ein Holländer Live in Wien
1989 Blaue Flecken
Musical Ambros, Tauchen, Prokopetz 1987 Der Watzmann ruft
Jesus Christ Superstar Jesus Christ Superstar
Eric Woolfson Gaudi
NDW Spliff Alles Gute
New Age Deuter Ecstasy
Jarre, Jean Michel Oxygene
Kitaro Oasis
From a full moon story
1991 Live in America
1995 Best of '95
The light of the spirit
Ten Kai, Astral trip
Pop Asia 1982 Same
Bots 1974 Aufstehen
Branduardi, Angelo Alla fiera dell'est
1979 Cogli la prima mela
Fables and fantasies
Highdown fair
La pulce d'acqua
Burgh, Chris de 1981 Best Moves
1982 The Getaway
1988 Flying colours
2000 The ultimate collection
2002 Timing is everything
2004 The road to freedom
Bush, Kate 1986 The whole story
Hounds of Love
Connells, The Ring
Crash Test Dummys God shuffled his feet
Fools Garden Dish of the day
INXS 1984 The swing
Roxette 1988 Look sharp!
Stevens, Cat 1970 Tea for the Tillerman
Stewart, Al 1978 Time passages
Modern times
24 Carrots
Supertramp 1974 Crime of the century
1975 Crisis? What crisis?
1979 Breakfast in america
1982 …famous last words…
Progressive Blues Brainbox 1969 Same
1973 To you
1979 A History
Progressive Metal Rush 1975 Fly by night
1976 All the world's a stage
1977 A farewell to kings
1987 Hold your fire
1991 Roll the bones
Progressive Rock 2066 and then 1971 Reflections on the past
Acapulco Gold 1996 Das beste von
Agamemnon 1981 Agamemnon
Bachdenkel 1970 Lemmings
Birth Control 1971 Hoodoo Man
The very best of
Black Widow 1970 Sacrifice
1971 Same
1972 III
Broughton, Edgar Band Bootleg
Camel 1973 Same
Caravan 1970 If i could do it all over again,…
Epitaph 1981 Live '81
Focus 1971 Moving waves
Genesis 1970 Trespass
1971 Nursery cryme
1972 Foxtrot
1974 Selling England by the puond
1976 A trick of the tail
1977 Wind and wuthering
1980 Duke
1981 Abacab
1982 Three sides Live
1983 Same
1986 Invisible touch
1987 Live SWF 3 Open Air 20.6.1987
Grand Funk Railroad Good singing, good playing
Hendrix, Jimi 1967 Diverse
1970 Isle of Wight
Iron Butterfly 1968 Heavy
Jeronimo 1970 Cosmic Blues
Jethro Tull This was
A passion play
Nothing is easy
Minstrel in the Gallery
1969 Stand up
1971 Aqualung
Living in the past
1976 Too old to Rock 'n' Roll, too…
1977 Songs from the wood
1978 Heavy Horses
1978 Bursting out Live
War child
Under Wraps
Crest of a knave
Catfish rising
Kraftwerk 1978 Die Mensch Maschine
Landmarq 1992 Solitary witness
Led Zeppelin 1976 The song remains the same
Light of darkness 1976 Same
Man 1974 Rhinos, winos and lunatics
McOil 1976 All our hopes
Necronomicon 1972 Tips zum Selbstmord
Sperrmüll 1973 Same
Spirit 1981 Potatoland
Strawbs Grave new world
1974 Heroes are forever
Tangerine Dream 1981 Soundtrack Thief
1982 Logos Live at Dominion
Poland The Warsaw Concert
Tibet 1979 Same
Tribute 1984 New views
1986 Breaking barriers
Virus 1971 Thoughts
Walpurgis 1972 Queen of Saba
Wyoming, Pete Bender 1972 In prison
Progressive Soul Exuma Life
Punk Angefahrenen Schulkinder, Die Same
Angelripper, Tom Ein schöner Tag
B 52's, The 1979 High Fidelity
Bollock Brothers 1985 The four horseman…
Dr. Koch Ventilator I
Torso in Aspik
Pop, Iggy 1981 Party
Stranglers 1990 Aural sculpture
Punk Rock Idol, Billy 1983 Rebel Yell
Toten Hosen, Die 1987 Bis zum bitteren Ende
1988 Horrorschau
1993 Reich und sexy
Reggae Chalice 1984 Live im Rockpalast 13.10.1984
Inner Circle 1979 Everything is great
Marley, Bob and the Wailers 1975 Live
1977 Exodus
1978 Babylon by Bus
1980 Uprising
Tosh, Peter 1978 Bush doctor
UB 40 1988 Live Nelson Mandela Open Air
Rhythm & Blues Ryder, Mitch 1979 Naked but not dead
Rock Adams, Bryan Waking up the neighbours
Alan Parsons Project 1976 Tales of mystery and imagination
1978 Pyramide
1979 Eve
1979 The turn of a friendly card
Alex Oriental Experience Fairytales and Promises
Alquin 1976 Best kept secret
Bad English Same
1991 Backlash
Banks, Tony A curious feeling
BAP 1982 von drinne noh drusse
Barclay James Harvest 1972 Early morning onwards
1976 Octoberon
1977 Gone to earth
1978 XII
1979 Eyes of the Universe
1981 Turn of the tide
1983 Ring of changes
Black Crowes 2002 Shake your money maker
Bon Jovi 1985 7800° Fahrenheit
1986 Slippery when wet
1992 Keep the faith
Bowie, David 1976 Stationtostation
1990 Changesbowie
Browne, Jackson Lives in the balance
City Dreamland
Am Fenster
Clapton, Eric 1980 Just one Night
2000 Behind the sun
Cocker, Joe 1976 Live in LA 1972
1985 Live im Rockpalast
Unchain my heart
1989 Live 
Collins, Phil 1989 …but seriously
Coverdale - Page Same
Cress, Curt 1987 Avanti
Dickes, Michael Uneven alley
Dire Straits 1978 Same
1979 Communique
1984 Alchemy Live
1988 Live Nelson Mandela Open Air 
Doors Best of
1991 Soundtrack
East 1981 Same
1983 Resek a falon
Edge, The Soundtrack Captive
Emerson, Lake and Palmer 1980 Best of
Etheridge, Melissa Same
Brave and crazy
Fish 1991 Uncle Fish and the crypt creepers
Fleetwood Mac 1969 Mr. Wonderful
1977 Rumours
1979 Tusk
Foreigner 1977 Same
Gabriel, Peter 1978 2 Scratch
1980 3 Melt
1983 Plays Live
1985 So
Birdy Soundtrack
1993 Real world Live '93
Gallagher, Rory 1975 The story of
Gilmour, David 1978 Same
Golden Earring 1973 Hearring Earring
1973 The Best of
Grobschnitt 1977 Merry go round
Hine, Rupert Diverse
Huges & Thrall Same
Jackson, Joe Body and Soul
Blaze of glory
1983 Live im Rockpalast 21.2.1983
Joel, Billy 1989 Storm Front
Lake of tears 1997 A crimson cosmos
Lewis, Huey and the News 1985 Rockpalast Live Rock am Ring 1985
Lindley, David and El Rayo X 1982 Win this record
Little Steven and the disciples of Soul 1982 Men without women
1983 Princess of little Italy Lorelei 1983
1984 Voice of America
1984 Rockpalast Live Lorelei 1984
Manfred Mann's Earth Band 1980 Chance
Marillion 1983 Script for a Jester's tear
1985 Misplaced Childhood
B-Sides themselves
Meatloaf 1977 Bat out of hell
Bat out of hell II
1987 Get out of hell Live in Cleveland 
Midnight Oil 1987 Diesel and Dust
Moore, Gary 1982 Corridors of power
1983 Victims of the Future
1987 Wild Frontier (Mini LP)
1987 Wild Frontier
1989 After the war
Myles, Alannah 1989 Same
Nightranger 1985 7 wishes
Omega 1996 Transzendent
Parker, Graham and the Rumour 1977 Stick to me
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers 1977 Live im Rockpalast 14.6.1977
1986 Pack up the Plantation Live
Into the great wide open
Full moon fever
Phenomena II 1987 Dream Runner
Pink Floyd 1971 Meddle
1977 Animals
1983 The final cut
1988 Delicate sound of thunder
Live in Venedig
Planet P Project Pink world
Puhdys 1
1981 10 Schattenreiter
REM Automatic for the people
Out of time
Saga 1978 Same
1985 Humble stance Live Rock am Ring
Santana 1974 Greatest Hits
Silencers 1987 A letter from St. Paul
1990 A blues for Buddha
1991 Dance to the holy man
Simple Minds 1987 Live in the city of light
1989 Street fighting years
Sting 1999 Englishman in New York
Slade Alive
1999 Collection 81-87
Smith, Patti Group 1978 Easter
Springsteen, Bruce 1980 The River
1984 Born in the USA
Stanley, Michael Band 1977 Stagepass
Status Quo 1971 The rest of
1976 Quo Live
1977 Rockin all over the world
1978 If you can't stand the heat
Stretch 1977 Lifeblood
Sweet 2005 Very best of
Ten Years after 1973 Recorded Live
1975 Goin' Home
Toto 1988 The seventh one
U2 1981 October
The unforgettable fire
1983 Under a blood red sky
1987 The Joshua tree
Van Halen 1979 II
Westernhagen, Marius Müller 1990 Live
2000 Jaja
ZZ Top 1973 Tres Hombres
1983 Eliminator
1992 Greatest Hits
Ska Police 1979 Regatta de blanc
Wilde, Kim 1981 Same
Sonstige Monsoon Third eye
Southern Rock 38 Special 1983 Tour de force
1986 Strenght in numbers
Allman, Greg Band 1986 I'm no angel
Blackfoot 1982 Highway Song Live
Lynyrd Skynyrd 1974 Second helping
Soul Simply Red 1985 Picture Book
Speed Metal Gamma Ray 1993 Insanity and genius
Helloween 1987 Keeper of the seven keys
1988 Keeper of the seven keys II
Running Wild 1988 Port Royal
1989 Death or glory
Symphonic Rock Batt, Mike 1977 Schizophonia
Oldfield, Mike 1979 Exposed
1979 Platinum
1983 Crises
1985 Discovery
Tests Boxentestplatte Geräusche

Die einzelnen Plattentitel, nach Genre sortiert, finden Sie hier: Cassetten - LP
Achtung: Die Listen sind sehr umfangreich.

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